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Our last Film Evening - June 2015!
                    'Mi Primera Boda'
                                     (English Subtitles)
Friday 26 JUNE, 2015- 18:30 - 23:00
Spanish Film Evening at "The Yard, Alderley Edge"
Film Screening, Presentation and Delicious Hispanic Meal.
Tickets: £12.
  Join us for a fantastic Spanish Film Night (English subtitles)
led by Viviana Foden
As you are inspired by an original exploration of Culture, Religion, and Traditions in a unique Cinematic and Palatable Night!
A stimulating film experience, whilst you enjoy any of two typical and outstanding dishes from
Argentina and Spain.
“Mi Primera Boda” (‘My First Wedding’) takes place at the wedding of Jewish-born Adrián and his Catholic bride Leonora. Best-laid plans quickly unravel into chaos as Adrián tries to solve a ‘small problem’. Religious and personality tensions between families, theological musings of a wandering priest and rabbi, a sex/drugs/rock-n-roll senile grandparent, and the hidden motives of ex-lovers all add to this amusing comedy.
For more details or bookings, please contact:
Viviana : E-mail: vceruttif@yahoo.co.uk/
                 Mbl.  07931985810
* Post screening raffles for a chance to win an excellent
   Argentine Malbec wine; top quality “Taste of Catalonia”
   products or Spanish taster sessions 2015/2016.
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Previous Film Nights

  1. 'Chinese Take-Away' (Arg. 2011)
    'Un Cuento Chino' Director: Sebastián Borensztein
  2. 'The Secret inTheir Eyes' (Arg. 2009)
    'El Secreto de Sus Ojos' Director: Eduardo Campanella
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Dark, Quirky comedy when two cultures clash!
Exploring the issues and enjoying some delicious typical Argentinian pasties at the incomparable 'The Yard', Alderley Edge.
Event @ 'The Yard', Alderley Edge
2009 Oscar Winner for Best Foreign Film!
Delving into the dark 70's period in Argentina, this outstanding thriller and love story keeps you hooked and blurrs the boundaries of Justice.
Great cinematic evening whilst enjoying a delectable meal and a good glass of wine!
  1. 'On Probation' (Arg. 2005)
    'Tiempo de Valientes' Director: Damián Szifrón
When a cop falls into depression after discovering that his wife has been cheating on him, Mariano Silverstein (Diego Peretti), a psychologist, tries to help Alfredo deal with his problem.  A fabulous film that reaches into topics as far and diverse as the Military and Infidelity.  
A perfect formula, for a perfect evening: Great cinema, Tempting dishes and a Fabulous Atmosphere.